China on Monday criticized the use of humanitarian aid for achieving political objectives in Venezuela, and stressed on dialogue to end crisis in the South American country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lu Kang expressed hopes that the international community would pitch in with a constructive assistance to help Venezuela battle the crisis as the situation there turned "unstable and turbulent".

The remarks come after deadly clashes erupted on Saturday between members of Venezuela's National Guard and protesters on the Venezuela-Brazil border amid a row over the delivery of international humanitarian aid.

Three people were killed and a dozen injured, according to the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict.

Lu urged the Venezuelan government and the opposition "to seek political solutions through dialogue and consultation within the framework of the constitution and law."

The Chinese spokesperson criticized the "interference by external forces" in the internal matters of Venezuela and opposed the use of humanitarian assistance to the country "to achieve political objectives."

Lu urged the international community to follow "the basic principles of international law and international relations and take steps conducive to the stability, economic development and improvement of the people's livelihood."

The spokesperson said China hoped that the international community would come up with its assistance for Venezuela which is based on the respect for Venezuelan sovereignty.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had blocked the entry of humanitarian aid requested by the National Assembly leader, Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself as the interim president of the country on Jan.23.

Guaido has been recognized by some 50 countries including, Brazil, Colombia and the United States, as an interim leader of the country.

The Venezuelan opposition, which does not recognize Maduro's re-election to power, said the country was undergoing a complex humanitarian emergency and had urged help from the international community to address the issue.

But the Maduro government, which is going through the crisis of not being recognized in several countries after winning the election struck down as fraudulent, has denied receiving the aid by these countries as it believes it to be a politically motivated and could lead to a foreign invasion.