The North Korean leader may visit a naval base in a major Pacific port city of Russia where he is expected to meet the Russian president in the coming days, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported Monday.

Few details about Kim Jong-un’s Russia trip have been announced apparently due to security concerns.

But last week, the Kremlin confirmed that Kim and Vladimir Putin would meet in the coming days in Russia in what would be the first summit between them.

During his visit, Kim is expected to visit the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian navy in

Vladivostok, the host city of the meeting, located 300 kilometers (186 miles) from the border between the two countries.

Kim Chang-son, considered as the head of protocol of the North Korean leader, has been seen visiting parts of Vladivostok, including installations of the Russian naval base, according to Kyodo.

Other places where Kim Chang-son has been spotted include the Mariinsky Ballet theater, Far Eastern Federal University and the Primorskii aquarium.

Although, the Kremlin has not made date or venue of the meeting made public but it is generally understood that the summit will be host in Vladivostok.

Moreover, Putin is also expected to visit the region on Apr. 26 and 27 to take part in a forum in Beijing on China's Belt and Road Initiative.

South Korean and Japanese media have reported that Kim, who is expected to travel to Russia by train, will visit Vladivostok for three days starting Wednesday.

Putin is expected to host a banquet for him, followed by the bilateral summit the next day on Apr.25.

The meeting between the two comes less after the Feb.28 Hanoi meeting between Kim and United States President Donald Trump ended without reaching agreement on North Korea's nuclear arsenal and easing international sanctions against Pyongyang.

Pyongyang, crippled by these sanctions, has been looking to pressurize Washington on different fronts to ease its demands during talks for de-nuclearization of the regime.

Russian Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on last Friday that Russia was ready to do everything possible to facilitate the process of de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula.