Flight 4124 of LATAM Airlines. Destination: Barranquilla, capital of the Colombian Caribbean department of Atlántico. At 37,000 feet...a burst of music and currambero color, because "he who lives it, enjoys it," Carnival in La Arenosa (Barranquilla) ignites.

Under the auspices of the Deezer digital platform, Colombian artist Adriana Lucía and her group of musicians entertained the travelers' journey to this city in northern Colombia, which during this weekend and until Tuesday will host another Carnival festival, the most important in the South American country.

In the skies over Colombia, while spending the morning on the LATAM flight, Adriana Lucía and her companion performed 'Pa Que Lo Viva La Gente,' official anthem of the 2020 edition of Shrovetide festival, declared a UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

"Pa Que Viva La Gente," a song composed by Barranquilla native Javier Cuello and performed by Adriana Lucía, Fausto Chatella, Bazurto All Stars, Karen Lizarazo and Caliope, is now available on the Deezer playlist Carnaval de Barranquilla.

"We found it very natural to do something special around the Barranquilla Carnival because it is the most important folk event in the country," said Luis Gabriel Castillo, Deezer manager for the Andean and Southern Cone region.

"With this surprise we not only celebrate the beauty of Colombian culture and music, but we also join the Barranquilla Carnival celebration and create a very personal and unforgettable musical experience for all the people on board," he added.

The Barranquilla Carnival is one of the most famous in Latin America and is closing in on those in Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo and Oruro, Bolivia.

The fourth-largest city in Colombia, which also hosts the matches of the coffee soccer team in CONMEBOL and FIFA competitions, starts the festivities in January with the 'Lectura del Bando,' an event in which the Carnival Queen orders the city to overflow with joy.

"La Guacherna," a night parade with tamboras, takes place on the penultimate Friday before Saturday of Carnival and is the preamble to the great event, whose main attraction is the parade of the Battle of Flowers.

The "flight" of the Barranquilla Carnival will end Tuesday when the death of Joselito Carnaval is lamented throughout Barranquilla (and in much of Colombia).

But already a privileged few can taste 'Pa Que Viva La Gente' thanks to LATAM Airlines and millions can enjoy streaming on Deezer.