China and the United Kingdom have agreed to study the possibility of signing a free trade agreement after Brexit and amid the trade war between Beijing and Washington.

China's Trade Minister Zhong Shan recently met his British counterpart, Liam Fox, to discuss economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, according to state-owned CCTV channel on Sunday.

During the meeting, Beijing and London committed to exploring the possibility of negotiating an FTA after Brexit, UK's exit from the European Union.

They also discussed current trade tensions between China and the US, where the Chinese representative once again denounced protectionist measures of the Trump administration, calling it a grave violation of World Trade Organization norms.

Fox said the UK favored an FTA and hoped that China and the US resolved their differences through dialogue.

The two ministers also committed to boosting two-way investment and discussed other issues such as visas and cooperation on advanced technology and intellectual property.

During an official visit by British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt in July, China and the UK spoke of the possibility of negotiating an FTA after Brexit materializes on Mar. 29 next year.