efe-epaSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic

A court in the Dominican Republic ordered Brazilian aerospace company Embraer to pay a fine of $7.04 million, double what the company admitted to paying in bribes when it sold eight Super Tucano planes in 2009 to the Caribbean country, the Dominican Office of the Attorney General said Friday.

The Office called the ruling a milestone in the fight against corruption.

The prosecutor's office said that the decision was issued a week ago by the court which also ordered the Brazilian company to provide all details on the payment of the bribes.

Embraer would have to deliver more than 4,000 pieces of documentary evidence that are in the process of being verified. They contain information on the bribes the company admitted to paying to achieve the sale of the aircraft.

This information, the office added, will strengthen the ongoing criminal proceedings in the courts of the persons and companies included in the indictment filed on Sep. 6, 2017 by the Special Prosecution of Administrative Corruption.

Former Dominican Minister of Defense Rafael Peña Antonio is part of the group of defendants who received $3.5 million that Embraer paid to ensure the sale of the eight Super Tucano aircraft.