Several service stations that sell only premium gasoline were closed this weekend in Havana, although the Cuban government has not officially announced restrictions on sales of the special fuel.

Some of the service stations that sell high-octane fuel, which is hard to find on the island, had been closed for several days, with cones and yellow tape keeping drivers away.

Long lines formed outside one service station on Friday and the Havana fuel outlet was closed a day later.

An EFE reporter confirmed that other service stations were still selling premium fuel on Saturday, but with cash payment required and the high-octane gasoline restricted to certain vehicles and cars rented to tourists.

Government vehicles can only be fueled using prepaid cards issued by Financiera Cimex S.A. (Fincimex) at Union Cuba-Petroleo (Cupet) service stations.

Cuba is trying to find a new source of oil amid a cut to the subsidized supply it has received since 2003 from Venezuela, which provided the island with 100,000 barrels per day (bpd) of petroleum.

The flow of crude from Venezuela has been reduced to about 55,000 bpd due to the economic crisis in the South American nation.