EFEMexico City

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Mexico fell to $22.56 billion last year, down 35.9 percent from the $35.18 billion registered in 2013, the Economy Secretariat said.

The final figure was the result of an inflow of $33.92 billion in investment and a debit of $11.36 billion accounted for as a drop in FDI, the secretariat said in a statement.

Some 60 percent of the reduction in FDI was accounted for by a transfer of stock from foreign investors to Mexicans and the rest by transactions in company accounts, such as loans made and amortization of loans received, the secretariat said.

About 56 percent of FDI was the product of reinvestment of profits, with 25 percent coming from corporate transactions and 19 percent representing new investment.

Some 57 percent of FDI went into manufacturing, 24 percent into financial services, 10 percent into mining, 9 percent into retailing and 4 percent into construction.

"The mass media information sector experienced disinvestment of $4.15 billion (18 percent)," the secretariat said.

The biggest sources of FDI were the United States, accounting for 29 percent; Spain, with 18 percent; Canada, with 11 percent; Germany, with 7 percent; the Netherlands, with 6.5 percent; and Japan, with 6 percent.

Some 22.5 percent of FDI came from 79 other countries.