France received nearly 90 million foreign tourists in 2018, one million more than the previous year and a new world record, according to preliminary figures released by the country's ministry of foreign affairs on Thursday.

This yet-to-be confirmed record comes despite the "Yellow Vest" social crisis that erupted late last year and the terror attack against a Christmas market in Strasbourg that took place on Dec. 12.

A statement by the foreign affairs ministry said that despite the possible booking cancellations the aforementioned events may have caused, "preliminary figures do not indicate a steep decline."

More specifically, the number of international flights to France that have been booked so far in 2019 have seen a 5-percent drop during the months of January and February, although the figures start to increase again as of March.

The ministry added that the bulk of cancellations came from long-haul destinations, primarily the Asian market, where images of the so-called "Gilets Jaunes" protesters and the Strasbourg terror attack that killed five people and injured 13 had the most impact.

In contrast, the number of European tourists, who account for 80 percent of France's foreign visitors, has seen a "very moderate" drop.

According to the ministry, which is responsible for the French tourism sector, all major travel operators coincide in issuing an "optimist forecast" as long as the current protests sweeping across the nation come to a halt.