Honda has decided to end the development of Asimo, a pioneer in humanoid robots, to focus on the creation of other practical robots owing to high competition in the sector, Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported on Thursday.

NHK said that the Asimo team was dissolved after more than 30 years of research and following nearly two decades of the robot's existence.

Since it was first presented in 2000, Asimo has greeted or received several international personalities such as former United States President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Spain's King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, and has taken part in several exhibitions across the world.

A Honda spokesperson told EFE Thursday that the company was continuously working in the field of robotics and the group's department of robotics development continued to exist.

According to NHK, the Japanese conglomerate is seeking to focus on robots with medical applications, such as nursing care, using experience and technology from Asimo, of which seven generations have been developed.

Characterized by its astronaut-like look and human-like movements, Asimo was presented in Japan on Oct. 31, 2000 after 14 years of research to create a machine with the ability to walk like humans.