efe-epaBy Rosa Jiménez Brussels

Huawei's chief representative in the European Union shot down allegations of backdoors in its 5G services and of sharing information with the Chinese government, Abraham Liu told EFE in an interview.

Liu blamed Washington for spreading rumours in a bid to maintain its market dominance.

Question: What impact will EU measures have on Huawei amid allegations 5G networks poses a security risk?

Answer: This year marks the 20th year of Huawei in Europe. In the past 10 years, we have the best track record. We have been working very closely with European authorities. The history, if you respect the facts, I think what happened tells people, tells the industry, Huawei is a trustworthy company and we have maintained the best record.

In Europe you have the most respectable, most capable operators in the world, Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange, they are very capable of gaining know-how about their network, about the security part of their network. They are not fools. They know what is happening. They know the quality in terms of cybersecurity from Huawei, so in that sense, I am confident of Huawei's capability of bringing the most, not only innovative, the most advanced technology, 4G, 5G, to European customers, to European consumers.

Even the GCHQ, the UK government, has been working with Huawei, checking all the source codes and hardware-software for eight years, they haven't come to a conclusion. There are no backdoors in our equipment there is no impact or influence from the government to our equipment or networks. That is why recently you see that the UK has made a decision to have Huawei in their network despite the extreme pressure from the United States administration.

Q: But pentagon chief Mark Esper warned NATO last week the partnership between the US and Europe would be at risk if suppliers like Huawei are chosen.

Huawei is a telecommunications player, this standard was a joint effort from the industry. Even the US 5G, which is made by Samsung, Nokia, Siemens and Ericsson, there is a Huawei technology inside. Because the technology has been a shared industry process. We have more than 25 percent of the standard patents, our engineers they contribute to that technology.

It is unfair to a private company like Huawei to be treated like this.

Europe is a rules-based society. We have been here for 20 years. What we are used to is to respect the law. If we keep on respecting and have the full compliance of the local rules of law we will be fine and now we are being attacked by the third party, from the other continent, and we seek for the rules to give us a right protection no matter what political slogan can be shouted. People have to cool down.

In a way, Huawei is a most westernised country. We wear western shoes although we were born in China. What the US is trying to do is maintain their dominant position, which is understandable.

Q: When we hear that Huawei and other Chinese companies are obliged to share information with Chinese authorities, is this true?

A: It is not right. I share the same concern that you or any others have. When we read these kinds of news we immediately invite the lawyers, including lawyers from Beijing, in China, and also international lawyers from the UK and the US to audit and to check the laws to find out what is our obligaiton. The conclusion from the report is that Huawei doesn't have that legal obligation.

Huawei is a private company, we cannot commit suicide to our business.

We have to decide for our own interests, for our employees. We have the full responsibility and the full motivation to prevent this company from violating any of our customer's interests.

Q: How has coronavirus affected Huawei?

A: Huawei is an international company. We operate in 170 countries. We have been facing different kinds of disasters worldwide from time to time, from earthquake to tsunamis, to diseases like this. So in Huawei, we have a business continuity management system, as a process to manage all these kinds of abnormal situations. So I would say in Huawei is operating in the proper way, we are supporting our customers worldwide normally. There is no major impact. EFE-EPA