Japan recorded a trade surplus of 589.5 billion yen ($5.5 billion) in June, a figure that is 19 percent lower than the one registered for the same month last year, the country's ministry of finance said on Thursday.

However, in the first six months of 2019, Japan's trade balance has seen an $8.24-billion deficit.

In June alone, exports reached $61 billion, a decrease of 6.7 percent over the same month in 2018.

On the other hand, imports reached $55.6 billion, a 5.2-percent decrease compared to June of last year.

China continued to be Japan's largest trading partner in June, with a negative balance for Japan of $1.2 billion.

With its second-biggest trading partner, the United States, Japan recorded a trade surplus of $6.2 billion in June.

In the six-month period, Japan's exports to China fell by 8.2 percent but they increased by 5.2 percent to the US.

Imports from China during the first half of this year grew by 0.1 percent and imports from the US rose 1.7 percent.