Kazakh Minister for Investment and Development Zhenis Kasymbek on Wednesday said China and Kazakhstan's investment in 51 joint industrial projects exceeds $27 billion, or some 22 billion euros.

"This year we plan to put into operation six Kazakh-Chinese projects worth 363 million dollars and we will begin construction work on five projects worth 623 million dollars. The total number of projects is 51, worth more than 27 billion US dollars," Kasymbek said.

The main fields of cooperation are in the oil and gas, chemical, energy, mining, metallurgical, agricultural and machine-building sectors.

Furthermore, the Kazakh minister emphasized that his department was actively working to attract investment and will soon introduce an investment brand for Kazakhstan.

He explained that a Council for Innovative Policy is to be set up to improve coordination of efforts aimed at the implementation of the country's innovation policies.

The ministry also plans to host "a large international investment forum in Astana in May, which will expand opportunities to attract investment to our country."

According to the Kazakh Ministry of Innovation and Development, in 2017 the Central Asian country's exports increased by 31 percent and exceeded $43 billion.