EFEMexico City

Oaxaca Aerospace said it unveiled the first prototype of a modern aircraft developed in Mexico with proprietary technology and designed primarily for use by the security forces.

Project Pegasus PE-210A was started in 2011 to design an agile, fast and inexpensive two-seater aircraft, and the first runway trials took place in mid-2013, Oaxaca Aerospace said in a statement.

The goal was "to make an innovative aircraft, completely different from what already existed, and with modern engineering, using software and advanced tools," Oaxaca Aerospace general manager Rodrigo Fernandez said.

"Most aircraft now in use follow designs that date back to the mid-1950s, modified only in areas like avionics and more modern engines, but they have not been radically modified to make them more efficient and aerodynamic," Fernandez said.

To create Pegasus, Rodrigo Fernandez and Oaxaca Aerospace CEO Raul Fernandez put together a team of highly qualified engineers and employed the latest technology both for design and modeling, as well as for simulations of aerodynamic performance.

The company, based in the southern state of Oaxaca, sees the military and police as potential buyers both in Mexico and other Latin American countries, with possible customers among private pilots.

Oaxaca Aerospace has set a production target of at least 12 PE-210As by 2019.