efe-epaCordoba, Argentina

One of Argentina's most prolific writers in the romance-novel genre touted the advantages of self-publishing platforms, saying they allow for greater creative freedom and enable authors to establish their own rhythm of production.

Susana Oro, who publishes an average of three or four titles a year, told EFE in an interview that that pace is only possible with platforms such as the one she uses, e-commerce giant Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.

"The advantage is the freedom you have to publish what you write or like to write and the publishing times, because with a publisher you have to depend on their times since they have a lot of writers and they can't always publish two or three of your novels a year," Oro said.

She said she used to get her works to the public through a traditional publishing house but now prefers self-publishing.

"Unless you write 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' to give one example," the big companies are unlikely to take an author seriously and promote their work sufficiently to allow them to make a living from literature, according to the author.

"I have books being sold all over the world, in Australia, in Canada, in Japan, which isn't so easy to do with a publishing house; I always say 'never say never' because an offer may come my way that's worth it for the royalties," Oro said.

"But leaving (self-publishing) for status. No way," she said.

The Cordoba-based writer has published 12 romance novels to date and her book "Hechizo de luna" was a finalist in the third edition of Amazon's Indie Literary Prize for Spanish-Language Authors.