Samsung is on its way to losing its leadership in semiconductor global sales to Intel, according to a leading semiconductor market research company.

This year has been bad for the industry with the sales of the market's main players dropping 18 percent in the first six months, according to the latest report by IC Insights published Tuesday in the United States.

The report highlights that the world's three largest chip makers Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix (both from South Korea) and Micron (US) led the decline, driven by falling demand and steep price declines.

Between January and June, Samsung's sales fell 33 percent while SK Hynix's sales dropped 35 percent and Micron's 34 percent, according to the report.

This decline in revenue illustrates the “extremely volatile nature” of the market, IC Insights said.

Meanwhile, Intel's revenue fell 2 percent and the American chip maker was the number one semiconductor supplier in the first half of the year, a post that Samsung had occupied since the second quarter of 2017 and which brings Intel closer to topping sales in 2019.

Intel is set to "easily recapture" the top spot this year, a position it held between 1993 to 2016, according to the research company The report includes the world's 15 largest semiconductor suppliers and their sales rankings for the first six months of the year.

Making it to the list at numbers 15 and 14 respectively are Taiwan's MediaTek and Japan's Sony, which is the only company on the list to post a year-on-year growth (13 percent) in the first half of 2019. EFE-EPA