A group of Uruguayans ages 18 to 29 participated in a forum this week focusing on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as part of the Comprometidos program sponsored in Latin America by UNESCO, Ashoka and Socialab.

The first workshop in the new edition of Comprometidos staged in Montevideo on Wednesday aimed to "inspire" young people to create projects that solve social problems, using as a guideline 17 SDG approved in the United Nations' 2030 agenda.

Socialab's director in Uruguay, Paula Mosera, told EFE that 40 proposals were received this year and this week's workshop and others in different provinces were part of the first phase of "ideation," or conception of ideas.

"Our expectation is that young people would come eager to take action," the Socialab director said. "In this workshop, (participants) will learn about the experiences in three ongoing enterprises that are already having an impact in different areas, so that they themselves get inspired and develop their own ideas."

Comprometidos, sponsored in Uruguay by the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the Uruguayan Planning and Budget Office (OPP) has recruited 3,000 young people so far, enabling more than 1,500 projects with a social impact.

The project, launched in the region on May 15, has a first phase of concept development, followed by another described as "co-creation," or shared creation, and a final stage of convergence.

A project from each of Uruguay's 19 provinces will be selected and the two best developers will be sent to Buenos Aires for advanced training.