• Spanish tastes, culture on display in New York City
  • New York, Oct 25 (EFEUSA).- Spanish gastronomy this week is becoming the focus for New Yorkers' palates thanks to the "Eat Spain Up" festival, which includes tasting parties and artistic expositions.

    This year's event is unfolding at the Institute of Culinary Education and New York University and is aimed at creating worldwide awareness of Spanish gastronomic culture.

    The director of the event, Gloria Rodriguez, said that the festival seeks to bring Spain and its culture, including its gastronomic delights, to the U.S. public and market.

    "Eat Spain Up" gathers different leading firms in the food and wine industry and numerous kiosks provide the public with the chance to taste assorted delicacies and even attend several classes on Spain's famous "jamon serrano," cured cheese and home-brewed beer.

    For some of the festival's participants, this is a chance not only to sample the Iberian nation's gastronomic culture but also to build business ties.

    "We're hoping to get Spanish products better known and marketed here in New York, but we're also seeking to recreate the magic of Spain via our tastes," the general manager of La Antigua, Sara Fregeneda, told EFE.

    Her company manufactures sheep's milk cheese and Fregeneda and her team brought to New York assorted varieties of Spanish cheeses.

    This year's edition of "Eat Spain Up" focuses on three Spanish regions: Extremadura, Burgos and the Community of Madrid.

    "The American market has a compelling need to get to know Spain, and so the culture that is also linked to gastronomy via our stomachs and palates can also be learned about," said the manager of Ambia Tours, Valeria Valdebenito.

    The "Eat Spain Up" experience also includes audiovisual showings and photo exhibits, along with cooking classes with well-known chefs such as Firo Vasquez, Toño Perez, Ricardo Tremiño and David Izquierdo.

    Before coming to New York, in prior years "Eat Spain Up" has been hosted by other cities such as Oslo and Stockholm.