efe-epaBy Paula Baena Velasco London

PlayStation’s virtual reality game "Blood & Truth" lets the player be the protagonist of an action movie.

Simon Hermitage, design director at London Studio, told Efe that was the main objective of the developers when they began to devise it three years ago.

The story is one of revenge and violence in which the participant is put in the shoes of ex-soldier Ryan Marks who, after the death of his father, has to rescue his mother who was kidnapped in the British capital.

No resources have been spared to achieve maximum realism and without leaving aside the "gameplay."

Hermitage said that one of the challenges of the project was to achieve a "very clear balance" between graphics and gameplay, and add a basic component of virtual reality, which is that the player "feels totally inside the scene".

"In VR the graphics can be seen very well and the gameplay is fine but you cannot allow the player not to feel that he is in the middle of the action, so we work very hard so that the three things - visual quality, game and sensation of presence - will fit very well, "he added.

The creators of "Blood & Truth" said they wanted to add a cinematographic component to make the player feel more like they are in an action film than a video game.

One of the biggest challenges was to adjust the plot as a "movie script", which was helped by the fact that the characters were played by real actors.

Using motion capture technology interpreters dressed in special suits become 3D characters that will give cinematic credibility to the game.

The game’s soundtrack is a mix of orchestral music and rap and that gains intensity as the player achieves the objectives.

Music, graphics and history transport the player to a fantasy world which is an escape from reality.

Hermitage said that the popularity of VR is that it is "an escape route to get lost in the videogame experience".

"Designing in VR is really exciting because all the time there are new things, you have to create new ways of making video games, you have to learn a lot," he added.

PlayStation reported in March that it has sold more than 4.2 million virtual reality devices worldwide since the technology was launched in October 2016.

"Blood & Truth" will go on sale on May 29. EFE-EPA