EFEChernihiv, Ukraine

Two large holes in the roof of Svitlana’s house in Chernihiv is just a small part of the destruction Russian troops left behind after their occupation of the ancient northern Ukrainian city.

Russia’s full-scale attack has left a trail of destruction along the city's main road while Svitlana’s village, Oleksandrivka, was heavily pounded by rockets and artillery.

Svitlana and her family did not flee during the siege and had to hide in a small underground warehouse with no power, water, or gas; a nightmare that still prevails despite the Russian forces’ withdrawal two weeks ago.

Chernihiv was once just an industrial city of about 300,000 inhabitants, but since the invasion, it has become a strategic point for Russian troops in their objective to reach the capital Kyiv, as well as a scene of indiscriminate atrocities.