By Mar Marín


Colombia must maintain its strategic relationship with Nato and the United States, Colombian President Ivan Duque told Efe in an interview Tuesday, in which he said he was in favor of Sweden, Finland and Ukraine joining the Alliance.

With his tenure coming to an end in little over a month, Duque discussed the next chapter of Colombian politics under the leadership of the country's first ever left-wing president, former guerrilla Gustavo Petro, as well as violence and foreign policy.

The country must maintain relations with Washington "based on shared principles and values", Duque said, adding that they are at their "peak".

Colombia is the only Latin American nation that is a strategic partner for Nato, a position which he said was enshrined as a “state policy”.

"Although we are not a full member, our responsibility is to accompany the decision making of an organization that proposes the best practices in security and defense", Duque added in an interview with Efe in Lisbon, where he was attending the United Nations Oceans Conference.