EFEBy Guadalupe Peñuelas Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

A former bar in this northern Mexican border city that catered to German soldiers stationed across the Rio Grande in the US now serves as a shelter that welcomes both deported migrants and people suffering from addiction.

"I was deported because of addiction problems and was living out on the street. I was sleeping on cardboard," Fidencio Ramos, one of the residents of the Esperanza (Hope) shelter, a building that for decades housed the Deutscher Club Rainer Palast, told Efe on Wednesday.

Although Ramos said he is putting his addiction problems behind him, he laments being apart from his wife and two children who are still living just across the border in El Paso, Texas.

His reality is similar to that of Jose Hortensio Gudiño, who was deported from the United States because of his drug problems and alleged document-forging.

"Being here has changed my life. I've gone out to work and am (no longer) on the wrong path," Gudiño, who lost his home and his marriage due to his addictions, told Efe.