efe-epaBy Patricia Rodríguez London

The latest reincarnation of Godzilla by United States director Michael Dougherty sends viewers on a mythological journey on which humans and beasts fight for an impossible coexistence on planet Earth.

Replete with special effects and the roars of creatures erupting from the seas or volcanoes, the American super-production “Godzilla: King of Monsters” presents the almighty Godzilla as humanity's ultimate redeemer.

In the movie, the sequel to “Godzilla” (2014), the giant titan must face off other terrifying creatures, such as the three-headed King Ghidorah; Mothra, a giant moth, and Rodan, a huge pteranodon that emerges from its volcanic lair and flies over the planet with its enormous wings.

The creatures wield destruction all over the world, leaving behind apocalyptic scenes.

Dougherty told Efe in an interview that making the film had been a childhood dream of his. “It’s an honor, I’m thrilled,” he said.

“Making a Godzilla film was something that I quietly wished for as a kid and would even attempt to do with my toys,” he continued.

Speaking about designing the creatures, he said it had been important to respect the original designs because they were “iconic for a reason.”

“They’ve been embraced by fans for decades so you have to study them and figure out what are the design traits that have stayed consistent from one incarnation to the next,” he said.

That said, “part of the tradition of those movies is to upgrade the designs, they evolve constantly in every film,” he continued.

But for Dougherty, the most important thing is “really making them characters, not just making them monsters, but characters that you could empathize with.”

The cast includes young British actress Millie Bobby Brown in the role of Madison, a 12-year-old whose parents have split up.

Madison’s mother, Dr Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga), is the co-inventor of a coveted device used to communicate with the monsters, while her father Mark Russel (Kyle Chandler) is an expert in communication and animal behavior.

Speaking to Efe in an interview, Bobby Brown, known for her role as 11 in hit series "Stranger Things," praised Dougherty for the way he directed the cast. “I like working with directors with open minds, and who are directive,” she said.

“I liked that he knew what he wanted but he let me explore as well, so that was appealing to me,” she added.

O-Shea Jackson, who plays Chief Warrant Officer Barnes in the movie, said he has been a fan of Godzilla since he was a child, watching it with his father and big brother.

"When the opportunity presented itself to audition and to actually be in one of these films, you kind of have to jump at that, no matter what the part was, you kind of want to be a part of it because it’s like a piece of you calling at you,” he told Efe.

Other members of the cast include Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, who plays the role of scientist Dr Ishiro Serizawa and Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang as twin doctors Dr Ilene Chen and Dr Ling.