EFEBy Alba Santandreu Sao Paulo, Brazil

Former Brazilian President - and current presidential candidate - Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and his main political allies on Monday began stitching together the strategy with which they intend to defeat the "authoritarianism," "fake news" and "violence" they say is being perpetrated by ultrarightist President Jair Bolsonaro as the October general election approaches.

Lula and liberal Geraldo Alckmin sat down for the first time at the table with representatives of the seven parties making up the progressive coalition that will compete in the elections, pressing the accelerator on a campaign that is beginning to take shape with less than five months to go before the balloting.

"Lula emphasized that it's the first time that he's sat down with the group of parties that represent the progressive, democratic, leftist and center-left field," emphasized the president of the Worker's Party (PT) that Lula founded, Gleisi Hoffmann, during a press conference after the former leader's first big campaign meeting and with him leading in the voter surveys.