EFECartagena, Colombia

A photography exhibition on Colombia's indigenous communities by Ruvén Afanador and artist Ana González will be shown in Cartagena from Thursday as part of Hay Festival 2022.

"Daughters of the Water," a tribute to the ancestral indigenous communities of Colombia, shows members of 26 ethnic groups that inhabit the country from the Caribbean department of La Guajira to the Amazon.

Among the communities portrayed are the Wayuu, Kogui, Yagua, Tucano, Gunadule, Uitoto, Misak, Yucuna, Arhuaco, Pachacuarí, Nukak, Kamëntsá, Koreguaje, Emebera Chamí, Inga, Nasa and Wounaan.

Afanador's works – which were later added to by Gonzalez – consists of 60 black-and-white portraits of indigenous women, men and children who live in the most remote places of country.