EFEBy Andrés Sánchez Braun. Namyangju, South Korea

Just 40 minutes from bustling downtown Seoul, in the mountains that frame the village of Nokchon, South Korea's first single malt whiskey is distilled.

It is a charged nectar of spicy notes that its makers hope will storm the global market, starting with female palates.

Although South Korea is known for the contemporary products it exports, from audiovisual content to cosmetics, whiskey is not counted among them. In the alcoholic beverages field, the country is better known for its national drink, soju, which accounts for a third of what South Koreans spend on alcohol each year.

Taking note of the success of neighbors Japan and Taiwan with their single malt whiskeys, and with the challenge of conquering a domestic market in which soju is the undisputed master, in 2017 Bryan Do embarked on the adventure of creating the first Korean single malt.

"This just felt like a natural leap" in terms of making beverages, Do tells Efe.