EFEBuenos Aires

An Argentine court has issued an international alert for the arrest of pop star Justin Bieber and two of his bodyguards on grounds of their alleged aggression against a photographer, judicial officials confirmed to Efe on Friday.

Investigating Judge Alberto Baños asked Interpol for the "immediate detention" of the Canadian singer and his aides Hugo Alcides Hesny and Terrence Reche Smalls, after the period had expired during which they could give themselves up voluntarily.

Bieber, 20, and his bodyguards are wanted for incidents that occurred on Nov. 9, 2013 at the Ink discotheque in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo.

Among other charges, they are accused of alleged aggression against a photographer and of stealing his camera, as well as leaving the discotheque presumably without paying their bill.

The judge had already asked Interpol last November to find and notify Justin Bieber and his bodyguards to appear in court to make a deposition within a period of 60 days, under threat of an arrest warrant being issued.