efe-epaMarbella, Spain

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, who suffered a heart attack early this year and had to be operated on twice, said Saturday he felt in excellent health and for the time being did not need to undergo another surgery.

"I feel great and for now I'm not going to have another heart operation," he told EFE in this southern city, where he presented his new "Antonio Banderas Design" line of accessories designed by Starlite Shop.

The actor, who had three stents put in his arteries and later underwent thermal ablation to correct an irregular heartbeat, said there was a chance the heart rhythm problems could return.

"At the moment I feel very good, and I reached an agreement with my doctors that there wouldn't be another operation unless there's a recurrence of the arrhythmias. Then they can operate," he said.

Several films Banderas has been involved in to varying degrees are due to premiere in the coming months.

Of them, the actor said "Life Itself," an upcoming American-Spanish drama film directed by Dan Fogelman and starring Banderas, Olivia Wilde and Oscar Isaac, was a "very interesting and very powerful story" that he believed would resonate with audiences.