efe-epaParis, Nov 6

World-renowned disc jockey David Guetta is set to spend Monday preparing for a milestone celebration looking back on a life that helped to transform House music from a completely unknown style in Parisian nightclubs to the glittering success it later became.

Born in Paris, Nov 7, 1967, of a Jewish-Moroccan father and Belgian mother, this DJ and composer of hits such as "This One's For You", "Love Is Gone" and "When love takes over," will turn 50 on Tuesday as a foremost pioneer of electronic music in his country.

"It's amazing what the DJ culture has become," he said. "When I started I was nobody," said Guetta who now earns 250,000 euros ($290,000) per session and has sold 10 million records and has 53 million followers on the social networks.

Guetta, who combined being a DJ with work as a musical producer, began his turntable days aged 17 in Le Broad, a Parisian 1980s music temple, catering mainly to a gay public.

He performed Pop and Rock DJ sessions until 1987 when he listened to Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, one of the fathers of House music on French radio.

Along with Laurent Garnier, another French DJ, and the famous Daft Punk duo, Guetta is considered the leading representative of French House.

His success at le Broad nightclub led him to manage Paris venues such as the Rex, one of the capital's oldest nightclubs.

They came the Folies Pigalle, a high-class bordello that was transformed into the hottest dancefloor in Paris.

In 1994, he married his first wife, Cathy Guetta, and gave his musical career another shove when he became the artistic director of the Bataclan venue, which two years ago was the scene of a terror attack that killed 89 people.

By the mid-90s, he began performing DJ sessions in Berlin, then the European capital of electronic music and Ibiza, the other prime European Techno music location.

As from 2000, after his "Fuck Me I'm Famous" hits compilation, DJ Guetta went global and began performing in Miami, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Beirut.

The French DJ thinks the secret of his success lies in his capacity "to mix the power of electro music with the emotions melodic pop can conjure" as demonstrated by his record "Just a Little More Love" (2002), followed by another five records and his most recent work titled "Listen" (2014).

His seventh record is nearly ready and will be launched coinciding with his highly anticipated 2018 World Tour due to kick-off Jan. 19, 2018, at the Paris Arena.

Guetta, who has worked with artists such as Madonna, Rihanna and Michael Jackson has other milestones along his career, highlighting his June 2016 Eiffel tower concert at the Eurocup opening ceremony attended by tens of thousands of fans.

Guetta has attended receptions at the Elysee Palace and in 2014 was at a gala evening organized during Cuban leader Raul Castro's historic Paris visit.

He was also splashed all over the gossip press when he presented Jessica Ledon to the Media, a young model he became involved with soon after breaking up with his wife Cathy, the mother of his son Tim Elvis, (2004), and his daughter Alizée (2007).

With a track-record spanning 30 years, the popular DJ says he is no longer tempted by the night.

"I live like a Jedi monk, I neither drink, smoke, nor take drugs," he said. "I exercise and eat healthily. My only problem is lack of sleep as I am always on the move," Guetta acknowledged.