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An exhibition of photographs taken by Kati Horna, one of the few women who captured images of the horrors of the Spanish Civil War on the front lines, opened its doors Wednesday at the Americas Society in New York.

"Told and Untold: The Photo Stories of Kati Horna in the Illustrated Press" is the first exhibition solely dedicated to the Hungarian-born photographer's work in the United States.

The exhibition coincides with the 80th anniversary of the military uprising against the Spanish Republic and the first part of the show is dedicated to the stories told by Horna during the 1936-1939 conflict.

"She's a photographer who captured the front lines, but also everything that was happing to the people suffering around there, and those two points of view are interesting," Christina de Leon, the exhibition's lead curator, told EFE.

The images in the first part of the exhibition show the sadness, pain and weariness of people worn out by a war that destroyed entire families.

The exhibition features images that Horna, born Katalin Deutsch in Budapest in 1912 and married Spanish artist Jose Horna, showed the world in different magazines, including the anarchist magazine "Umbral," which published many of her photographs.

The exhibition, which runs until Dec. 17, confirms that Horna, who died in Mexico City in 2000, was a pioneer in understanding the importance of images, organizers said.

"We all read magazines, we all take photographs, so it's something that the public can understand and allowed us to stay true to the life of Kati Horna," De Leon said.