EFEMexico City

Former Miss Universe Lupita Jones confirmed Tuesday that Mexico will not participate in this year's beauty pageant because of the "racist comments" Donald Trump made about Mexican immigrants.

"As a Mexican, I am very offended and angry like everybody else," Jones wrote on Twitter late Monday.

"As a Miss Universe, I think that Donald Trump is doing a lot of harm to the organization," she added.

"It's a shame that because of his racist comments we lose what the contest has promoted and represented during so many years, which is an atmosphere of harmony and peace among nations," she wrote. "We will not participate in MU (Miss Universe)."

Mexican media conglomerate Grupo Televisa announced on Monday that it will not participate in media projects involving Trump after he insulted Latin American migrants, particularly Mexicans,

The real estate mogul and television personality said on June 16 that Mexican immigrants are "bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists," in the speech he gave launching his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

In addition, to solve this supposed problem, Trump proposed erecting a big "wall" along the frontier between the two countries and getting Mexico to pay for it.

Since then, the deluge of criticism of Trump has not diminished. U.S. Hispanic television network Univision broke its commercial relations with Trump last week and on Monday it was joined by NBC and Televisa.