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Actor Matt Damon Wednesday described Donald Trump's speech on immigrants as 'xenophobic', 'disgusting' and 'dehumanizing' in an exclusive interview to EFE.

Damon, 44, is married to an Argentine immigrant with whom he has three children.

The actor said he did not know "how to respond" to Trump's comments, who had called illegal Mexicans "rapists" and "drug traffickers" and proposed deporting 11 million immigrants in the country and building a wall separating United States from Mexico.

"He is talking about anyone who lives south of our border in inhuman terms. He is talking about my wife, my daughters," said Damon.

"I think we are still laughing at this situation, but if you analyze the things he is saying it is disgusting and dehumanizing. We saw the Republican debate to entertain ourselves but when it started to get ugly we turned it off," said the actor who is currently promoting his new movie 'The Martian.'

Damon said he was also surprised at the expulsion of journalist Jorge Ramos from Univision and Fusion from a Trump press conference in Iowa.

"A couple of my friends said I had to see the entire press conference that is unbelievable, unimaginable," said the actor.

"You have to take it seriously that he is doing so well in the polls, but if you hear the things he says, they are so xenophobic and crazy that it is amazing that so many people are willing to vote for him," said Damon, who feels other Republican candidates and Trump's contenders are also following suit.

"They are getting in to this rabbit hole with him", said the 1997 Oscar winner for 'Good Will Hunting'.

Damon met Luciana Barroso in 2003 in Miami where she was working as a waitress and married her in 2005.

The couple have three daughters, Isabella, Gia and Stella together, while Damon is also stepfather to Alexia, who was born to Barroso from a previous relationship.