A pedestrian tunnel under the Croatian capital Zagreb has welcomed a multimedia exhibition recounting the past 133 years of the European country's history, as seen in images captured by an epa photojournalist on Monday.

Events from Croatia's political, cultural, scientific and economic past have been presented in an educational yet entertaining format in the Gric tunnel, through the use of sound, image and special lighting effects.

A part dedicated to the 1940s for instance, recreates an air raid shelter set to lugubrious music, evoking the dark times of World War II.

The exhibition, entitled "Croatia is Croatia throughout history," begins in Zagreb in 1883 with the founding of the first insurance company, "Croatia," who organized the event along with the city's tourism office.

The tunnel is to house the exhibition until Nov. 1, with more than 150 historical artifacts on show along 500 meters of underground central gallery space and four side corridors.

One of the highlights includes the "Rain Room" in the central part of the tunnel, where holograms of famous people from Croatian history appear amid continuous drops of water.

Another section of the exhibit is dedicated to Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla, a pioneer in the domestic use of electricity, where visitors can put well-known experiments and inventions to the test.

The tunnel had been closed to the public for decades, until last year when it reopened as a cultural space.