Composer and musical producer Placido Domingo Jr., the son of the famous and same-named Spanish tenor, has just fulfilled one of his long-standing dreams by recording - along with his father - the bolero "Besame mucho," one of the songs on his new "Latidos" album, which he is promoting in Miami.

The duet features the two tenors performing together a bolero that "has always accompanied my father at his concerts around the world," the younger Domingo told EFE.

"Besame mucho," written in 1940 by Mexican pianist and composer Consuelo Velazquez, is the third track on the bolero album, which is loaded with musical surprises and was produced completely in Miami.

The younger Domingo is promoting the album in Miami because, he said, "it was here that everything began."

Placido Domingo Jr. performs 11 numbers on "Latidos" and undertook the project to determine if he could develop yet another profession, in addition to being a songwriter and musical producer.

"It was something that seemed to me to be impossible. Now, a memory of my recorded voice and what I can do in this style remains," he said at his Miami recording studio.

Regarding the genre he selected, he said that "it had to be within reach all ears."

"I was looking for numbers that were also known in English that that formed part (of the repertoire) of bands and soloists of the 1950s and '60s, like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole," he said.

The album in English will go on sale in the third quarter of 2017 under the title "Heartbeat," for which the Spanish-language album will serve as the precursor.

The album also includes a duet with singer and guitarist Jose Feliciano ("Perfidia," by Mexico's Alberto Dominguez); an accompaniment by viola/violin duo Black Violin ("Tres palabras," by Cuban Osvaldo Farres), a number with trumpet player Arturo Sandoval ("Frenesi," a cha-cha-cha also by Dominguez) and a duet with Puerto Rican singer Ana Isabelle ("Sabor a mi," by Mexico's Alvaro Carrillo), among others.

In making his debut on the international level, Domingo Jr. signed with Sony Music and Sonic Projects, and the project was produced by Venezuela's Juan Cristobal Losada, who was Domingo's neighbor in Miami for four years.

"A while back, my father listened to me and asked: 'Why don't you sing?' He helped me a lot ... The world's opinion is important, but obviously the most important thing was that of my father," Domingo said.

To promote "Latidos," which has already been placed on the online music Websites of iTunes and Spotify, Domingo is preparing for a six-week tour of Brazil, he told EFE.