A paternity test determined that Spanish surrealist master Salvador Dalí was not the father of a self-proclaimed psychic who caught public attention by professing that she was the product of an affair between the eccentric artist and her mother, the Gala Dali foundation announced Wednesday.

Biological tests proved that Pilar Abel, a fortune-teller and tarot card reader, had guessed wrong and was not in fact related to Dalí, whose body was exhumed on June 26 so the mystery of her parentage could be potentially be unveiled.

Abel claimed that her mother was a domestic employee at the home of friends of Dali in Cadaques, a coastal town in the Catalonia region within walking distance of the artist's house and studio.

According to her, Dali took advantage of his frequent visits to the residence to pursue an affair with her mother, Antonia Martinez de Haro.

Abel said that her mother had always told her that Dali was her father, even in front of family friends.

"The only thing I'm missing is the mustache," she has repeatedly said in reference to her physical similarity to the artist.