Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, who came out of the closet in 2010, stood up for same-sex marriage in Santiago this Saturday.

The artist delivered his remarks at a meeting held at Santiago International Airport just minutes before leaving Chile after giving three concerts here, the Iguales Foundation said in a statement.

"I want equal marriage rights for Chile," Ricky Martin said at the meeting, as can be seen in a video later released by the foundation.

The meeting, according to its organizers, "was designed to give the artist an idea about the realities of sexual diversity in Chile, the progress made in legislation and cultural matters, and the challenges still pending, particularly the need for a marriage law with equal rights for all."

"Ricky Martin is a celebrity of global renown, which allows us to reach a far more massive audience with his message of equality and non-discrimination," Luis Larrain, executive president of the Iguales Foundation, said.

"We hope his testimony as a gay father helps eliminate the prejudices of those who still have them, and that the government realizes it shouldn't keep putting off same-sex marriage that includes parenthood," he said.

According to the foundation, Ricky Martin spoke about his sons Matteo and Valentino and how important it is for them to grow up in a world where "there are no second-class citizens."

Ricky Martin flew to Chile last Feb. 29 and gave three concerts as part of his "One World Tour," which he has presented around the world since April of last year.

The Puerto Rican artist appeared once before a full house at Ester Roa Stadium in the southern city of Concepcion and twice at Santiago's Movistar Arena with a program based on his latest album "A Quien Quiera Escuchar," which has allowed him to keep renewing its success since its launch in February 2015.