One in two million meals costs, well, $2 million for a willing couple at Singapore's high-end Ce La Vi restaurant, as part of a dining event claiming to offer the world's most expensive dinner.

At a preview for the dinner Wednesday, which included samples of slow-cooked pigeon and sea bass with orange glaze sauce an epa journalist reported that the food was flavorsome and very well crafted from seasonal ingredients.

The dinner will be a joint effort between the Russian World Of Diamonds Group and Ce La Vi, according to a press release on the gala.

Though there were no reports yet of who has booked the dinner, the first couple to do so will on that evening enjoy a 45-minute helicopter ride and a luxury private cruise.

The pair will then dine at Ce La Vi, surrounded by 10,000 fresh roses, and indulge in an 18-course Modern Asian dinner consisting of various meat and seafood delicacies sourced from around the world.

As they eat, they will hold personalized diamond-studded chopsticks worth $17,000 a pair.

Forty-four and 55-year-old vintage wines and champagnes will be on hand to wash down the delectable dishes.

The final course includes an exquisite French pastry dish, a dark chocolate croquembouche, and a 2.08 carat Jane Seymour diamond ring.

Topping off the evening will be servings of fine cognac and a fireworks display.

Bookings for this pricey evening must be made at least one month in advance, but lucky winners of the lottery, or those with $2 million kicking around, might be disappointed, because as the press release states, "the experience will only be sold to a qualified individual - at the discretion of both World Of Diamonds Group and Ce La Vi."