efe-epaMenton (France)

The finishing touches to huge sculptures crafted out of citrus fruits were being made Friday as the southern French Riviera town of Menton readied itself for the 85th edition of its "Fête du Citron" ("Lemon Festival"), as witnessed by an epa photographer.

Visitors to the Bollywood-themed festival would be greeted by several parades featuring floats, dancing and music, as well as a "Holi Party" in a nod to India’s popular festival of colors.

About 240,000 visitors descend on Menton for the event that requires 145 tons of citrus fruits to produce, according to the organizers.

Epa images showed workers positioning oranges on the ground as they decorated an area around an elephant sculpture.

Due to the length of the event, which last 20 days, and inevitable decay of the fruits on display, 12 designated individuals would be tasked with replacing any deteriorating oranges and lemons, the organizers said.

The festival takes place from Feb. 17-Mar. 4.