EFEMiami, United States

A dozen transgender models walked the ramp at the Miami Swim Week with the show themed around the topics of sustainability and inclusion.

Clothing line Khasamarina brought in the models to the show, one of summer’s hottest and most important fashion events in the United States.

Bo Khasamarina, designer of the collection, told EFE that the transgender community was one of the easily forgotten ones, especially Latin and black women as they are rarely represented in art.

This was the reason, he said, he brought them to the show.

The 35-year-old Florida resident presented his new collection at the Miami Swim Week.

Khasamarina did not seem to be concerned that his new collection could get sidelined with his models stealing the limelight and all the public attention.

The designer said he hoped such fashion shows do not come as a surprise in the future and everyone's work is appreciated based on their talent and not by their sexual identity.

Khasamarina said the scene was definitely changing now, but it might not be moving at a desired pace.

His collection, which carries the same name as his brand, consists of gender neutral clothing items.

The young designer said his designs have been worn by three-year-olds, 98-year old women and men, and people from all social backgrounds.

It's not the first time that transgender models have hit a runway.

In 2018, Marco Marco brand from Los Angeles, California presented its clothing collection with 34 transgender models at the New York Fashion Week.

Chloe Martini, one of the transgender artists who wanted to make her small contribution to this initiative, painted some of the items in the new collection, with phrases including "More Trans Bodies in Art".

Martini said inclusion is important because fashion is for everyone and not everyone is tall and thin.

Khasamarina's showcase was one of the last at the Miami Fashion Week. The swim week will come to a close on Sunday.

It saw design showcases from the likes of brands such as Agua Bendita, Joseph & Alexander and Asherah Swim for their new collections of Spring/Summer Collection 2020.