• Iranians commemorate the death of Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Tehran, Mar 2 (efe_epa).- Hundreds of Iranian women dressed in black chadors gathered at a Tehran mosque on Thursday to commemorate the death of Fatima, the youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, as reported by an epa photographer.

    The ceremony marks an important date for Shiite Muslims who, contrary to the Sunni sect, consider Fatima's husband Ali ibn Abi Talib to be the first Imam after the Prophet Muhammad.

    This schism in the early Islamic era gave birth to two of the main branches that there are today.

    The women's section of the mosque was a sea of black peppered occasionally by lightly-colored patterned chadors and children.

    The epa correspondent captured one moment when a women in the center of the crowd stood up to adjust her intricately decorated green and blue garment.

    Another image shows young twin girls wearing the same green and white slogans pinned onto identical floral headscarves atop equally flowery body warmers.

    The black chador, now ubiquitous among conservative religious circles in Iran, was before the 1979 Islamic Revolution confined to periods of mourning.

    Iran's strict Islamic dress code now requires women to wear hijab, meaning they must cover their heads and wear modest clothing down to their ankles and wrists when in public, although many choose to test regulation by sporting lose headscarves.

    Young girls are technically exempt from these rules until they reach puberty.