EFEMexico City

Mexico's anthropology and history institute announced Wednesday the discovery of mammoth remains dating back at least 10,000 years in Puebla state.

Remains were found in the municipality of Los Reyes de Juarez, in eastern Puebla, when the local cemetery’s caretaker struck what he believed to be a root with his backhoe but turned out to be bone fragments instead.

Los Reyes de Juarez mayor Manuel Herrera told officials who went to inspect the site confirmed they were bones belonging to megafauna that lived during the Pleistocene. The institute then began the excavation.

Biologist Ivan Alarcon Duran from the institute said that "through archaeological rescue tasks, in the aisle between the rows of graves it was possible to recover an almost complete tusk with an initial measurement of 2.90 meters, and the second tusk was also found that was broken by the machine."