Fourteen activists were arrested Tuesday in front of the White House in a protest on behalf of the rights of Central American immigrants and against the deportation of the undocumented to countries with high rates of violence.

More than 50 activists gathered with a large poster reading "President Obama, you have blood on your hands," a reference to the undocumented immigrants who died after being sent back to their countries of origin, particularly to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

According to an academic study based on an analysis of news reports, 83 deportees from the United States were slain upon their return to those three countries in 2014.

So with red gloves symbolizing the blood spilled, the demonstrators raised posters saying "Stop the raids" and crosses painted white with numbers from 1 to 83, one for each of the victims.

"All 83 immigrants came here to escape the terrible violence taking place in their home countries," said the spokeswoman for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, Kika Matos.

Fourteen activists sat by the fence separating the street from the White House gardens, a place where one may walk but not linger, for which reason they were arrested after ignoring three warnings from police.

Those activists were handcuffed and put on a bus of the Park Police, responsible for guaranteeing the area's security, and were then taken to jail before being set free hours later, protest organizers said.