EFERio de Janeiro

Police have arrested two individuals suspected in the on-air killing of a muckraking Brazilian radio host, officials said.

The suspects were apprehended Friday at a home near Camocim, the small town in the northeastern state of Ceara where Gleydson Carvalho was murdered.

Two other suspects who ran from the residence when the police arrived and have been identified as the purported assailants are currently being sought by the authorities.

"We arrested two people at a home where we found the weapons used in the crime and the clothes worn by the gunmen, as well as a photograph of the radio host, and we've called for the arrest of the other two," Camocim's chief of police, Herbert Ponte e Silva, told EFE.

The two suspects already in custody have provided details about how the crime was planned and executed, the police chief said.

"We're now searching for the two (suspected) gunmen, who fled to a wooded area unarmed, without transportation and barefoot," he said, adding that authorities are trying to determine who hired the killers.

Carvalho, who had accused several local politicians of corruption and received numerous death threats on his Facebook page, was shot Thursday at the studio of Radio Liberdade FM by a pair of assailants and died en route to a nearby hospital.

In May, following the murders of two journalists in less than a week, the National Association of Newspapers denounced a "climate of impunity" in Brazil that fosters repeated violations of freedom of expression.