Activists, human rights defenders and members of the LGBTQ+ community protested on Saturday against what was described as "discrimination" faced by two young people the previous night at a karaoke pizzeria in Caracas.

"I have just experienced an act of discrimination. At #VeraPizza in Chacao, they just told me that I can't dance with my boyfriend because it's a family environment ... Why, according to them, it's a disgusting act," Danny Toro tweeted.

The protesters gathered at a plaza in the heart of the capital on Saturday evening and then headed for the pizzeria where the incident occurred.

Once inside the restaurant, they hugged and danced with each other as the pizzeria's managers, reprimanded by the mayor's office of the municipality of Chacao on Saturday, watched without interfering.

The reprimand was based on the ordinance approved by the municipal council of Chacao, on Aug. 9, 2016, with the objective of promoting equality and to "prevent, punish and eliminate all forms of discrimination in any of its manifestations."