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The Argentine city of Tandil on the weekend broke the record for the world's longest salami with a sausage 41.9 meters (137.4 feet) long and weighing 120 kilograms (264 pounds), authorities said Sunday.

After three consecutive years in which it has broken the record for having the longest salami in the Americas - 16 meters in 2014, 21 m in 2015 and 28 m in 2016 - Tandil on the weekend made yet another mark for itself in certain circles with a tremendously longer salami prepared by chef Juan Braceli.

The record was shattered at the 34th edition of the Festival de la Sierra, at which the popular Tandil salami is one of the big attractions.

"It's a source of pride for festival organizers to have broken this record. It's a reflection of the efforts our forebears made when they began to adapt their recipes to the conditions of this region," said Juana Echezarreta, president of the Tandil Salami Council, according to a statement released by the event organizers on Sunday.

"It's the spirit of a community that seeks progress without losing its roots," she said.

A total of 70 people participated in preparing the huge sausage.

Tandil salami received a coveted Certificate of Origin in 2011, the first such recognition for an Argentine agroindustrial product, and is one of the South American country's most popular meat products.

"The ultimate result of the Certificate of Origin for Tandil is to value the local historical tradition, initiated by Italian immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century, who settled in the mountains' foothills because of the good climate," the organization said.

"The combination of cold winters and windy springs, good pasture and high-quality livestock, along with relatively high humidity and the local knowledge of the immigrants cemented a unique tradition that today is protected on the global level with a Certificate of Origin," the officials said.