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Prominent political cartoonist and artist Hermenegildo "Menchi" Sabat has died, the Argentine daily Clarin reported Tuesday. He was 85.

The Uruguayan-born draftsman died Monday night in his sleep, according to the Clarin, in the city where he built a brilliant career starting in 1973.

Internationally admired both for his political cartoons and for his works of art, Menchi Sabat left his native Montevideo in 1965 and settled in Buenos Aires.

In Argentina, where he became a citizen, he began contributing to the prestigious magazines Primera Plana and Crisis, and also to the daily La Opinion. Then in 1973 he began his career with the Clarin newspaper.

Year after year, the cartoonist caricatured the realities of the country in his drawings, an activity he combined with other fields of art and journalism.

His chronicle of the doings of political and social big shots earned him the 2011 New Ibero-American Journalism Foundation Award for his "irreproachable attitude toward power."

In September 2017, the Buenos Aires Museum of Humor paid him tribute with an exhibition of his most noteworthy works, created during the half-century he lived in the Argentine capital.

Oil paintings, monotype prints and mixed techniques with glimpses of expressionism, surrealism and abstract art make up part of his works, as well as illustrations of his own writings and those of great writers like Julio Cortazar, plus pencil sketches and watercolors portraying his two musical passions: tango and jazz.