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Soccer player Carlos Tevez, captain and star of Boca Juniors, married Vanesa Mansilla at the Vital Records Office in the Argentine city of San Isidro on Thursday morning, and the couple headed out for a four-day celebration to be continued in the Uruguayan city of Carmelo with 260 guests.

The 32-year-old Tevez arrived wearing a light blue suit and accompanied by Vanessa, who has been his companion for 19 years and the mother of their three children, Florencia, 9; Katie, 6; and Lito, 2.

"This is a wonderful day, Vana and I always dreamed of celebrating our love with a four-day party. This is a confirmation of our love, a way to reaffirm it," Tevez said after the ceremony.

About 60 Boca Juniors fans gathered at the office, chanting "He's not leaving, Carlitos is not leaving."

Tevez's future with the club is uncertain amid reports that he received a big offer to play for China's Shanghai Shenhua.

Asked about his plans, the Boca forward said "Now, let me celebrate this day. There will be time, later."

On Friday evening, a religious wedding will take place at a Puerto Camacho chapel and the party will then start at the Campo el Faro club.