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Asian-Americans in New York City on Sunday held their first official heritage parade along 6th Avenue in Manhattan during a time when they have been suffering a wave of racist attacks that erupted after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States more than two years ago.

The Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community thus joins many other ethnic and national groups in the US in holding an annual parade to emphasize their contribution to the creation and development of the country.

Irish, Italians, Scottish, Latin Americans in general and Puerto Ricans in particular are some of the communities in the Big Apple that have designated one day out of the year to turn out and parade along the city's main avenues to emphasize their origin and presence in the social, economic and political fabric, not only of the New York metro area but nationwide.

New York Mayor Eric Adams said in a speech during the parade that the community is against hatred toward Asian-Americans, against anti-Semitism or hatred against any ethnic group, adding that in his jurisdiction there is no room for racism.

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