EFERio de Janeiro

Brazilian poet and playwright Ferreira Gullar, winner of the 2010 Camoes Prize, died Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, hospital spokesmen said. He was 86.

The poet died at Copa D'Or Hospital in Copacabana, but the cause of death was not made public.

Jose Ribamar Ferreira, better known as Ferreira Gullar, was born in 1930 in Sao Luis de Maranhao.

He launched his literary career in 1949, publishing poems, essays, stories and plays over the next decades.

Ferreira Gullar's most important work, "Poema sujo" was published in 1975, eventually becoming one of the main factors in his being awarded the Camoes Prize, considered the top award in Portuguese literature.

The poet, a Communist Party member, went into exile during the military dictatorship, living in the Soviet Union, Argentina and Chile before returning home in 1977 and settling down in Rio de Janeiro.