EFECartagena, Colombia

Chefs in the northern Colombian city of Cartegena de Indias Sunday broke the Guinness World Record with a shrimp cocktail that weighed 1,320 kg (2,910 pounds).

The cocktail was prepared using 100 kg (220 pounds) garlic, 300 kg (661 pounds) onions, 150 kg (331 pounds) lemon, 60 kg (132 pounds) vegetables, 550 kg (1212 pounds) tomato sauce and over 1,000 kg (2204 pounds) shrimps.

"We want to put Cartagena on the world stage as a showcase of gastronomy par excellence and we hope that the Institute of Heritage acknowledges this activity as the city's tangible and intangible gastronomic heritage," the event's organizer Arnold Venera told EFE.

The cocktail was prepared at the Plaza de la Aduana located in front of the mayor's office in the historic center of the city by local chefs of Cartagena, food engineers and professional chefs from the National Apprenticeship Service, under the supervision of a representative from Guinness.

The record for the world's largest shrimp cocktail, weighing 1,160 kg (2557 pounds) was held by Mexico.

The acrylic glass in which the cocktail was prepared stood three meters (9.9 feet) high, had a 170 cm diameter and weighed two tonnes.

After the record was set, the cocktail was distributed among hundreds of people, tourists and locals, who had come to see the event.