After a year’s hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of Bolivian dancers once again put on their colorful costumes on Sunday to dance the caporal in order to claim its Bolivian origin.

The "caporalazo" was promoted by the Mayor's Office of La Paz and took place in the Plaza de San Francisco with live music and more than 500 dancers.

"It is very important that the youth have taken over this dance – we must promote this. This dance is joyful and full of energy," Rodney Miranda, municipal secretary for culture of the Mayor's Office, told Efe.

The purpose of this activity was to validate the origin of the dance as "100 percent Bolivian," said Miranda.

In May, the formation of a committee to safeguard dances such as the caporal and the morenada was announced in the face of an incident with Peru which declared the latter as Cultural Heritage of Puno in the country.

On Sunday, dancers both young and old participated, as well as bands and musical ensembles.

"They say we are the dinosaurs of the caporal because we are the oldest. We are about 70 years old and we have danced since we were 18," Félix Zamorano Escalier told Efe.